The service team takes care of your vehicle, your luggage and offers you additional services. Depending on the service team, different levels are offered. For details follow the link and click on the name of the service team.

Service Route

The service track is asphalted and runs parallel to the scoring track. At the acceptance, each service team receives a service folder with map, directions, schedule and additional information. GPS Track is also available for download. Service vehicles do not require a road book or Tripmaster.

The service route must be followed.

Service vehicles are not subject to GPS tracker and boarding pass monitoring. As they only move on the road, they do not have to carry the safety equipment prescribed for the participants. If you leave the service track to drive wild in the desert or on the special stage, you endanger yourself and the course of the rally. In Algeria, the official approval for off-road tracks extends only to the rally track and only for off-road registered vehicles. 

Suitable service vehicles

Truck, Van

Both road and off-road trucks and transporters are suitable as service vehicles. Both with and without trailer.

No motorcycles, Quad, SSV as service vehicle

Since motorcycles, quad bikes and SSVs are typically not used for the transport of heavy luggage, they are unsuitable as service vehicles. With these vehicles there is a risk that the drivers will use them to drive wild off-road. Thus he endangers not only his own safety but also the entire course of the rally. For this reason, motorcycles, quad bikes and SSVs are not permitted as service vehicles.
Who wants to participate nevertheless with motorcycle, Quad or SSV without evaluation we recommend our Raidgruppen. Here we can guarantee the security.

Daily tasks Service team

For stationary paddock
Supply of fuel and, if necessary, snacks and mechanic services to the serviced motorcycles, quad bikes and SSV at service points next to the scoring track. Canister capacity 200 km.
In the evening, the cars, motorcycles, quad bikes and SSVs will be supplied with fuel and, if necessary, snacks and mechanic services in the camp. Canister capacity 400 km.
We recommend to fill the canisters during the day at the gas station and to always calculate generous reserves.
If necessary, pick up of salvaged, defective vehicles at the roadside or at CPs.

When changing the camp

Additional: Transport of the luggage of the supervised drivers. Depending on the agreed service, erection and dismantling of tents or mechanic workstations.