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Dear friends of the Tuareg Rallye,

This year is a big challenge for all of us. Not only in our jobs and everyday life. We were all looking forward to an unforgettable time in the desert of Algeria and had already prepared everything necessary for it.

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I had to postpone the Tuareg Rallye.

It was quiet for a long time and there was hardly any information, I have to apologize for that.

Now after long talks and many discussions with our doctors, our Algerian partners and some service teams and participants I can tell you today that I am unfortunately forced to postpone the Tuareg Rallye until 2021.

We are assuming that the planning in spring will remain uncertain and we fear that if there is another increase in the number of cases, new restrictions will be imposed. Such as border closures, ferry stops and flight cancellations. And we would then be forced to postpone again.

Therefore we all think that a rally in spring February, March, April is not a real chance. We simply cannot give any guarantee that at this early time of the year a journey to and from more than 20 nations is possible without any problems.

Therefore, we are currently planning to organise the Tuareg Rallye in autumn 2021.

The organisation is currently starting to find a suitable date and to consider when it fits best into all other events.

For your information: All entry fees already paid will be completely credited to the next event.

I would like to thank everyone who has been patient until today and I am already looking forward to the great time in Algeria with all of you.

With sporty greetings

Florian Rademacher

Postponement of the Tuareg Rallye due to COVID-19

Postponement of the Tuareg Rallye due to COVID-19
Due to the international situation and the unforeseen spread of the Corona Virus (COVID-19), we have decided to postpone the Tuareg Rally 2020.


Like you, we have spent a lot of time, money and effort in the last weeks and months preparing and conducting the Tuareg Rallye. We have been looking forward to a great rally in a breathtaking landscape and a foreign country.
Due to the current spread of the Corona virus worldwide and currently increasingly in Europe and Africa, we unfortunately have to postpone the Tuareg Rallye 2020.
As the situation is still very dynamic at the moment, a safe arrival and execution of the event is not possible at the moment.

Essential influencing factors are:
-Possible prior infection of participants and transmission of the virus during the rally to other participants
-Insecurity of the participants
-Possible quarantine measures and return travel problems during and after the rally
-Logistical problems with the arrival before the rally (first ferries have stopped connections in the Mediterranean, flights are cancelled, ...)
-Individual participants are already unable to travel to the event (Italy) due to quarantine measures
-neighbouring countries (Morocco) have banned all foreign sporting events

In order to provide security for our participants, we unfortunately see ourselves forced to postpone the event to a time when a safe execution can be guaranteed.
After extensive consultation with the German health authorities, the responsible doctors of the rally as well as the organisation team of the rally, a postponement was advocated in consensus.
We very much regret this decision. Everyone involved in the organisation of the rally has invested a lot of energy and time. Together we have made great efforts to make this rally a reality.What is the next step?
A new date will be announced as soon as the situation concerning the Corona virus pandemic is resolved.
The scheduled deadline for vehicles to be handed in to the organisation for the weekend will be cancelled.

What happens with my entry fee?

Your entry fee will be automatically transferred in full to the new date.
Many of you have expressed concerns about the danger of the pandemic. In this exceptional situation, an international pandemic, the authorities also believe that they must do everything possible to prevent the spread of the virus.
Even though many of you are disappointed, we ask for your understanding for this safety-conscious decision of the authorities which ultimately also serves our safety.

With sporty greetings,
Your Tuareg Rally Team 

We say goodbye

For 20 years he has been with us as a medical expert on the Tuareg Rallye and he was the most important pillar for our wellness and health.

But now he has lost his last fight against his disease. We would like to thank Klaus for the many great years. For the time we spent together. He leaves a big gap in our community.

Even if he is no longer with us in the future. He will always be remembered as a good friend.

Rainer and the whole active and former Orgateam of the Tuareg Rallye

The track 2020

On 7 days the Tuareg Rallye leads from Taghit not far from Bechar to the oasis town Timimoun. Four camps: Tagith, Beni Abbes, Timimoun, as well as a camp not far from Sebkhel el Melah. Three transfer stages. Four circuits.

When designing the tracks we paid attention to variety. Every day a combination of track, offroad and dunes awaits you. A special feature of the tracks in Algeria are the people's empty, almost untouched landscapes. Variety is also guaranteed in the dunes. From the extremely high solid dunes at Kerzaz to the flat long dunes at Timimoun.



for motorbike, car, truck

balanced routing

great scenery

Navigation via GPS and Roadbook

lower proportion of dunes


for Motorcycle, Car, Quad, Side by Side

challenging routing

great scenery

Navigation via GPS and Roadbook

high dune content


for motorbike, car

balanced routing, mostly identical to the Expert route

without scoring. Exit halfway possible.

Navigation via GPS and Roadbook analogous to scoring group. Without guide (no GPS track).

Or optionally for motorcycles with guide and optional roadbook. Guided by guides of our partner HighEnduroEnd.

safety concept

Our professional recovery and rescue concept, tried and tested over many years, enables fast and efficient assistance.

Satellite based positioning with the SPOT system.

We always know where you are. In addition, you can report an emergency by simply pressing a button.


Close network of checkpoints with medical and technical care

Algerian authorities

additional safeguards by the Algerian authorities

Camp / Catering

Inthe middle of the huge desert landscape in Algeria, Tuareg-style camps will be set up again in 2020. You should have experienced this special flair.

The camps are all accessible with a normal van / truck.

The overnight stay takes place in your own tent or vehicle.

In Camp Taghit, Beni Abbes and Timimoun there is a limited number of hotel rooms available. Travel time approx. 15 minutes. Reservation possible from the end of December.

Catering includes breakfast and dinner. Water at your disposal 

E-Bike Desert Challenge

500kilometers with the E-Bike through the desert of Morocco. 15-24 January 2020. specially selected route for E-Mountainbike. Through oasis, river, labyrinth and impressive desert landscapes.